Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) implementation in Afghanistan by National Procurement Authority (NPA)

National Procurement Authority (hereafter referred to as NPA) has been one of the leading governmental organizations fighting against systemic and systematic corruption in Afghanistan since ever it is founded back in 2014. A long this path, NPA started publishing the data regarding the contracts of Islamic Republic Government of Afghanistan compliant with the international standard, Open Contracting Data Standard (hereafter referred to as OCDS) on 9th of August 2018 through its procurement portal, Afghanistan Government Electronic Open Procurement System (hereafter referred to as AGEOPS), on the web accessible via

AGEOPS is designed to fulfill the need of public with government contracting data, in any required format. The mentioned URL is the base of the graphical user interface. However, as the world is architecting technology towards machine automation, and the same is emphasized by OCDS, NPA releases the data in machine readable format, compliant with OCDS API documentation (at, via

Data publication overview:

NPA is working to implement OCDS in Afghanistan and publish procurement data on all of the five stages of a procurement process (plan, tender, award, contract and implementation) in OCDS format for public use. NPA has successfully completed the publication of data regarding contract and implementation stages and is working to disclose the information of plan, tender and award stages in OCDS format as well in the near future.

OCDS API endpoints at AGEOPS:

AGEOPS covers the following points:

The mentioned points convers the data set AGEOPS releases, however for more in depth knowledge of OCDS, we highly recommend reading the OCDS API documentation.

All the data shared through AGEOPS, are under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike [4.0] License.